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Typhoon Haiyan

If you Buy product(s) or order service from one of our website:,,

From November 12, 2013 till November 22, 2013 you are helping victims of Typhoon Haiyan.

Typhoon Haiyan – one of the most powerful typhoons ever recorded – tore through the Visayas region of central Philippines on Friday, November 8, with deadly force, making landfall five times in the provinces of Eastern Samar, Leyte, Cebu, Panay Island and Palawan.

We donate 10% of our net proceeds from November 12, 2013 12:00:00 AM EST till November 22, 2013 11:59:59 AM EST.
Donations will be sent to the Canadian Red Cross, to be directed to Pacific Tsunami Relief.

The Canadian Red Cross name and emblem are used with its permission, which in no way constitutes an endorsement, express or implied, of any product, service, company, opinion or political position.

Best regards,
Boris Fesenko
BJF Trading Group inc.

Forex Robot TFOT 9.0 Video

Forex Robot TFOT new version

We would like to let you know that we started monitoring our Best Selling EA "TFOT 9.0 Multi-currencies” on FXOpen real account. The new version shows amazing results.

Real Account Monitoring (New Multi-Currencies version)


Real Account Monitoring (Old EURUSD version)

Read more about Forex Robot TFOT

Top Secretes of Forex Trading

Probably every trader out there has seen those Videos or read the articles with such intriguing titles, such as Top secretes of Forex Trading. Or Something like it.
But is there really a secrete or secrets that could make you a successful Trader. Over a decade of forex Trading, and a developer of over 3000 Forex strategies, I consider myself an expert of Automative trading.

Almost every trader has heard the words of  Dr Edler who said that farmers and house wives turn out to be the most successful traders. These are usually the people that have nothing to do with technology at all. Is this true, Partially yes. I have met many successful traders who bear no relations to technology. Why is that?

In my oppinion Forex requires strict rules and doesn’t require strict rules and doesn’taccept creativity. A  housewife or trader without technical education will buy a trading program and follow the directions and system exactly the way it is supposed to be done.
So the first real top secret is to follow the rules of the system and not deviate from them. This advice has no value real value unless you have a good system that works.

Now lets talk about the system itself. There are many opinions concerning the best system for trading. Manual, Automated, grider, Martingale, scalper, arbitrage. If I told you that you could make money on the Forex market using Martingale, You’d think Im crazy. But I should add one small detail. You could make profit on the Forex market when trading with Martingale at a flat market. But in the case of a strong trend, there is a probability of getting a margin call and losing your deposit. 
The second example is if you allowed 100 traders to test an arbitrary strategy, Only 5 to 10 traders would make profit on a regular basis. As for the others they would make profit at first but over time they would start losing money. And here is the reason. in 99% of cases, a slow broker is a “kitchen” that makes money on lost deposits. So a dealer will increase the time of order execution and thereby will destroy the conditions of successful arbitrage.

The second secret...... Each system has certain conditions of usage both Market and technical ones. And by the way when I say system I do not mean a robot that you bought for 100 dollars from a one page website that you found by clicking on an advertisement that promised Million dollar profits if you buy there program. So if you are going to trade on news or use an arbitrage or a scalper, you must be ready to carfully choose a broker, VPS and money management statagies.
Now lets talk about choosing a broker. Pressure from regulating authorities and high competition have led to the creation of broker companies that offer real S T P on providers Liquidity and sufficiently lower spreads. Be careful low spreads does not guaranteen 100% success. In addition to a low spead, a broker and liquidity provider should have good execution time and shouldn‘t have any quote filters that throw tics out of the flow. VPS should be close to the brokers server to reduce order execution time.  A Liquidity provider should be loyal to your stategy. As a rule,
you work without worrying if a broker has several Liquidity providers and uses an aggregator or switches a trader to the bank that is loyal to toxic orders.
Now a few words about the market conditions. If your scalper is based on taking profit at movement inside a channel or range, you will lose money on a trend market. If you use a break even stategy you will lose money in a flat market. 
As a rule, developers will adjust money management in the following ways. In case of Draw down and loss of money in adverse conditions the system will win losses back at favorable conditions in the future. Such an approach limits profit and causes emotional stress to a trader in th eperiod of Draw Down.

The third secret...... universality of a system should be achieved not through the reduction of the trading lot size. But at the expence of adaptation to market and trading conditions.
The fourth secret....Increase profit without the increase of risk, but at the expence of trading capital. It will not only lower the risk of loss thanks to currect money management, but also to the fact that the broker wouln’t want to risk leaving  you in house. The broker will keep you connected through S T P and make money on the spread. You will become a partner of the broker witch is usually a 70% success.

But the question arises... What shoul you do if you have a thousand dollar deposit. Trade with low risk, an investor will come to you, dont try to make a thousand percent profit each year.
I hope this presentation has helped you. If you are looking for a ready to use solution I can recomend you Forex Robot TFOT8. This is a fully automated trading system that can adapt to any market and technical  conditions.

Forex Robot TFOT 7 Detailed Analysis

Forex Robot TFOT 7 Detailed Analysis

How to improve MT4 Expert Advisor

Very often after a trader develops or buys a trading strategy, they then look for ways to improve it by minimizing the losses and increasing profit. The most important aspect of any trading system is money management. A lot of traders and system developers pay little to no attention to money management, and usually a robot built without those principles in mind usually employs only two options: trading using a fixed lot and lot calculation based on the balance.

Based on experience from working in different financial markets, such system (calculation lot based on the balance sheet) can greatly increase the chance of a loss.  This same issue was introduced many years ago by Larry Richard Williams, who won the 1987 World Cup Championship of Trading from the Robbins Trading Company, where he made a profit of $ 1,100,000 (11,376%) in a 12 month competition with real money, starting up with only $10,000. Williams increased his startup capital by 11,376%. He later developed a money management system that not only looks at the balance of an account but also the maximum loss, giving it the ability to significantly minimize the loss of points during the time when the trading system is most vulnerable, through rapid reduction of the lot when series of failed attempts occur.

(Account balance x Risk percent) / Largest loss = Contracts or shares to trade


• Largest Loss = Peak / Valley Drawdown

• Risk percent = personal risk / reward expectation (5% to 18%)

The cost of enhancing your robot’s money management option using Larry Williams’ formula: $150

The 2nd most important aspect that will drive you to success is the control of actions, more so, the control of the broker’s counteraction and duration of order execution.

MetaTrader 4 has approximately 30-second sessions.

 That is, when no trading activity takes place for longer than 30 seconds, the session times out. Beyond this time frame, any connection to the server with the same IP address requires re-authentication; it needs to go through the login / password verification process. This authentication takes about 500 ms.

By making contact with the trading server just before placing a market order, you will reduce the lag of the market order execution by approximately 500 ms.

The broker can also extend the spread of stop loss. We have developed a module that draws stop loss and take profit in case the broker increases the spread and moves it back after decreasing the spread. By utilizing this strategy it can help protect your order from any interference and will help you keep an open session with the server. Modification of the orders can be made tick by tick, but the broker may require you to reduce the number of requests to the server. Usually the number of requests should not exceed 10000/24 ​​hours, but customers with large deposits have nothing to fear.

Depending on the spread, the cost of adding a unit that reduces the execution time and modifies the stop loss and take profit is $ 90

We also recommend adding the option that logs to a file spread and logs the execution time to a file for later analysis. The cost for this feature is $ 60 +

For Scalping strategies it is recommended to hide the stop levels.  Addition of hidden stops costs $ 110

Sometimes a broker can change the leverage to make a margin call on the account. We offer a plug in that will control the leverage, and in case of any changes, you will be notified by a pop-up window and a warning email. This module costs $ 70


Our company has developed more than 3,000 advisors, indicators, bridges and other products for MT4 MT5, JForex, etc. We guarantee high quality coding from scratch to finish, and offer enhancements to existing products.  The customer possesses the copyright of product developed; he gets a source code and becomes a sole owner of the product. BJF Trading Group does not disclose or use trade ideas of our clients. We help you find the error in the description of an advisor and offer ideas to help you improve the product.

For any questions or concerns, contact us at

Manual or automated trading on Forex. Find out which one prevails.

Manual or automated trading on Forex. Find out which one prevails.

Forex bots have always had their positives and negatives. The main argument of those who prefer automated trading is that a person can rely on his sole trading experience and can make the right decision at the right time, while at the same time those who advocate manual trading claim that it is imperative to have an accurate trading plan and strategy of entering the market, setting a stop loss and take profit order, along with exiting the market.

I think that these statements contradict each other. If a forex trader is required to rely on his emotions and intuition, he doesn’t need to abide by rules. However, if the trader follows a precise set of rules, being able to validate his strategy, in my opinion it would be wiser to automate the system. I know a lot of those who side with the manual trading, the ones who use scripts and advisors which as a whole simplify the work since that is half way through to going fully automated – forex bot.

Which strategy to choose? Pros and cons of scalping strategy.

In this debate views of traders are radically opposite. I would say that both the opponents and the supporters are right. I think that the most precise market forecast is a long term forecast based on a set of economic factors, however, only large banks and investors can afford to trade using long term forecast. Technical analysis works better within short term forecast. We should also note that majority of the brokers “play” against the trader, and in that case the broker holds supremacy over time and money since the short term strategy has far more chances of success. Scalping strategy also has a big advantage in the fact that you can start trading with a small sum of money and still make a reasonable profit.

On the other hand, it is easier for a broker to terminate a scalping strategy by prolonging the time of execution and pushing the spreads apart in the part of stop loss.

Forex robot TFOT – the best bot of 2010-2013

How to choose a strategy that perfectly suits you.

If you are a trader with a capital of a $100 to $100 000 dollars, this article is must read.

Our choice of strategy will be based on the fact the broker does not play against you using tough trading practices such as throwing in non-market quotas, etc., but at the same time is dealing. Our company BJF Trading Group inc., Canada  Group inc., had designed more than 3000 forex bots based on our clients’ and our own ideas, and is a leader amongst programming for an MT4 platform. Our products are effectively being used by the forex traders and brokers throughout the whole world. Based on the knowledge and experience accumulated over the years, we’ve developed a fully automated trading forex robot TFOT. We spent around a year developing this robot, and for the past 3 years we’ve worked hard to constantly improve it. The key factor that the robot abides by is by using 2 strategies: 

Strategy close to that of Scalping. When I say close to scalping, by that I mean a strategy with goals of 5-15 pips and a position time of more than 1 minute.  Use of higher level strategies is possible only if you are working with a real stp broker.

Medium term strategy.

For over 3 years we are constantly testing the bot using a real account with a capital of 10 000 from an alpari broker. We trade using low risk and are not using the function to increase the lot. Currently there are 50 000 on our account. The bot does not require a constant re-optimization, is reliable and stable to the broker.

Our customers are successfully using the robot at different brokers with different start up capitals. Our current version 7 contains a multilayer neronet that helps minimize the risk and maximize the profitability of the robot. The robot also contains the news filter which disallows the use of scalping strategy during the economic news.

Forex robot TFOT – the best bot of 2010-2013

Forex Robot TFOT 7.0

What new?

We analyzed the results of trade on real account and found important pattern. Some losing trades are the result of random movement of prices during the news. To prevent this, we have developed a news filter. Our news filter based on our free FF news indicator (forex factory news indicator)

Pic. 1 – Forex Factory news Indicator

Indicator shows 5 columns (from left to right):  news impact, news time, news data, currency, news. Using news filter you can prohibit trades during news period for usd and eur currencies.

We have added extern variables to Forex Robot TFOT:

sUrl = "";  The news provided by forexfactory site only for last week.

NewsReload.mi = 60; Reload news every, min

SymbolsFilter.On = true; Filter by simbol

SymbolsFilter = "EUR,USD"; Symbols

ShowOnlyCurrDay = false; Show calendar only for current day

IncludeHigh = true;  show high impact news

IncludeMedium = true; show medium impact news

IncludeLow = false; show low impact news

IgnoreFilter.On = true; Ignore: holiday, speaks, tentative news

IgnoreFilter = "holiday,speaks,tentative";

GMT time calculated and passed from EA to the indicator (Broker.GMT.Offset option).

EA cannot caclulate GMT time in StrategyTester mode so Tester.Broker_TZ option is provided

for strategy tester. You have to set it manual.

NewsSite.GMT.Offset = 0; GMT offset for news site

Broker.GMT.Offset = 0; GMT offset for brokerage  company

extern bool StopNewTradesOnNews = true;

 true: Prohibites the open of new trades News.HighLightPrior.mi minutes prior and News.HighLightAfter.mi minutes after news releases.

By default News.HighLightPrior.mi = 10, News.HighLightAfter.mi = 45.

LoadNews option must be set to true.


extern bool CloseOpenedTradesOnNews = true;

 true: Closes opened trades and prohibites the open of new trades News.HighLightPrior.mi minutes prior and News.HighLightAfter.mi

minutes after news releases.

LoadNews option must be set to true.


News.HighLightPrior.mi = 10; Stop trading before news realize

News.HighLightAfter.mi = 45; Start trading after news realize

Learn more about Forex Robot TFOT

Our company also can add same news filter for your expert advisor for $190

Feel free to contact us:


Extra features which can improve your forex robot

I would like to introduce several extra features which can improve your forex robot (expert advisor) performance.


News Filter

This filter will help you to prevent trading during news period, when price movement is chaotic unpredictable.  Forex robot will load news from forex factory website in fully automated mode and stop trading in the time period specified by you. Filter can also close all open trades in specified period. 

Filter has external parameters:

        LoadNews = true; 

        StopNewTradesOnNews = true; Stop trading during news period

        CloseOpenedTradesOnNews = true; Close all open trades during news period

        SymbolsFilter.On = true; Filter forex news by currency

        SymbolsFilter = "EUR,USD"; 

        IncludeHigh = true; show news with high impact

        IncludeMedium = true; show news with medium impact

        IncludeLow = false; show news with low impact

        IgnoreFilter.On = true; Ignore some type of news

        IgnoreFilter = "holiday,speaks,tentative";

        News.HighLightPrior.mi = 10; period before news realize

        News.HighLightAfter.mi = 45; period after news realize

Neural Net Filter

This filter based on our neural net library – multi layer back backpropagation neural network.

You can read more about backpropagation neural network here:

This filter analyzes all profitable and losing orders (bars before order) on historical data, identifies implicit connections, and creates rules. Then filter will prevent to open orders, when a combination of a bar before the order does not satisfy the winning rules. This is a simple explanation of the neural net filter. In reality the algorithm of the filter is very complex and its understanding requires special knowledge.

Warning:  you will be able to use this filter only on two computers, because we have protected neural net dll.


Trading days filter

This filter allows you to restrict or allow trading for each day of the week. This filter can improve scalping and intraday strategies. For example scalping strategies work not so good on Monday and Friday, because a lot of traders open the  positions on Monday and close on Friday.

Possibility to define work days of the week example:

extern bool MondayOn = true;
extern bool TuesdayOn = true;
extern bool WednesdayOn = true;
extern bool ThursdayOn = true;
extern bool FridayOn = false;
extern bool SaturdayOn = false;
extern bool SundayOn = false;

Trading time filter

This filter allows you to allow trades only during selected time period.  This filter very useful for scalping strategies.

Trade time to open order from hh:mm to hh:mm
example: from 6:30 to 22:45 by ServerTime

Money Management options

Money management is the most important part of any trading system, and surprisingly, few traders understand how valuable a tool it truly is. Put simply, money management is the money you are going to put on a single trade and, conversely, the amount of risk you are willing to take for this trade. There are lots and lots of money management strategies (likely, as many as there are financial strategists) but they all have one central theme: preventing high risk exposure.

Dynamic lot calculation

a) as percent of Account Balance

b) as percent of Accout Equity

c) as percent of Account FreeMargin

So on increase of Account Balance/Equity/FreeMargin the lot size will growth too 

Dynamic lot calculation with RiskPcnt option

You will enter an initial risk % of equity you can loose if StopLoss is triggered.

So if StopLoss = 50 pips, AccoutnEquity = 5000 and RiskPcnt = 10.0

then you will pay only 500$ on StopLoss. 

Dynamic lot calculation by Martingale theory.

New lot will be multiplied by 2.0 (LotFactor = 2.0 is external parameter)

if previous lot was closed in loss.

MaxLot of series will be second external parameter.

Trailing Stop Loss and Breakeven function

We offer different kind of trailing stops. It is very difficult to determine which one will be better for your strategy.  Major strategies can be improved with ATR Trailing stop

        Standard Trailing: simple trailing, stoploss follows by the market

      High/Low Trailing: trailing by bars High/Low

      ATR Trailing: trailing by ATR indicator

      Fractals Trailing: trailing by Fractals

      PSAR Trailing: trailing by Parabolic Stop And Reverse indicator

      ProfitPcnt Trailing: trailing with lock of some pcnt of max. profit reached

         TLine Trailing: trailing by some TrendLine added manual on the chart

         MA Trailing: trailing by MovingAverage indicator 

         Breakeven function
Moves StopLoss to breakeven level when trade is in profit by X pips


Other Features

Support of Market Execution (required for ECN brokers)

Open operation will be splitted into 2 parts:

a) Open new order with 0 (zero) stoploss and 0 (zero) takeprofit

b) Modify sl and tp of new order to actual values

Make StopLoss, TakeProfit, TrailingStop hidden to brokers

In this case EA will manage Hidden (or invisible) stops

Standard (or visible) stops will be available too

Read more about MQL4, MQL5, Jforex programming

If you would like to add one or several extra features to your expert advisor, please send your expert advisor (mq4 file) via email:

If you would like to programming expert advisor or indicator on MQ4, or MQ5, or JForex (DukasCopy), please send your detailed description via email:

Expert Advisors and Indicators Programming Service

I would like to talk about the service of Expert Advisors and Indicator's programming, which our company offers. We can write code in MQL4, MQL5, JForex and other programming languages on demand.

Why our service is one of the best coding services?

For one thing, we are doing this for many years and during our work, we have already written about 3000 advisors and indicators (MQL4, MQL5, JForex). Secondly, our company hires only professional programmers. Our codes are divided into blocks, functionally optimized, i.e. your advisor won’t hang, when you restart your Terminal and will turn on again. There will be no errors, Advisor will work by the algorithm you have setted.

We are often asked to recode expert advisers written by others, and I must say beforehand, that it’s a very difficult task, because it is easier to
write your own correct code from the beginning, then to analyses someone else's erroneous code. For this reason, the best advice for those who want to code their own system will be to work with professionals.

We can examine your strategy and offer you to make some changes, if you have any errors. We can analyse your descriptions and offer additional improving functions. If you encode Indicator, or Expert Advisor based on any Indicator, it is likely that we will notice if your indicator is redrawing and inform you of that. Because coding a strategy based on redrawn indicator may lead to losses.

Since you are going to entrust your money to Expert Advisor, it's better to make sure that specialist are working on it, so you won't risk your account.
Learn more about our expert advisors and indicators programming service